Universal Thought Consult (UTC) is an entrance preparation center with over 12 Years of Excellence. UTC has established itself in the market as a career partner for students’ bright futures & exists with the motive of providing excellent guidance in the diversified field of education. With our team of experts and entrance preparation guide, we ensure that our students score better in their CMAT, KUUMAT, and BSc.CSIT Entrance Examination for their best possible

Entrance Preparation


CMAT is an annual test conducted by  Tribhuvan University which consists of four sections. It is a 90 minutes exam consisting of 100 objective questions containing 25 questions in each section with a total weight of 100 mark.


KUUMAT is an annual test conducted by Kathmandu University which consists of Multiple-choice questions. As there is negative scoring, 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. This exam is mandatory.


BSc CSIT (Bachelors in Computer Science and Information Technology) is a four years Eight Semesters Undergraduate Degree affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) which is designed to provide the student with

It is based on the global entrance exam system and is conducted by Presidential Business School affiliated to Westcliff University, USA. The test is intended to assess the verbal and quantitative ability logical reasoning, general awareness
Bridge course is a non-compulsory program learned by the students who have recently take SEE examinations. It can even act as a pathfinder. SEE Bridge course is a short term educational 
When the students come to visit us then we make conversation, mentoring and counseling on the basis of their interest and ability.Every student is an individual with unique personal aims, motivations
We provide counseling sessions about the latest visa rules and regulations about the students’ chosen destination. Our team is here to make sure you have access to all the correct information.
We assist you to prepare all the required financial documents for your chosen destination. Our service is quick and easy.We help you with the entire procedure, starting from application

UTC E- Learning App

Daily live classes

 UTC E-Learning App live Classes on its platform. Students will now be able to learn real-time from  qualified teachers by reserving their preferred topic and slot from the schedule on UTC – The Learning App.

Practice and revise

UTC E-Learning App  A High-Quality Student-Tutor Interactions wonderful choice of applications helping to prepare for exams and make student’s life easier have appeared on the market and can practice and revise on their on schedule.

Learn anytime, anywhere

UTC E-Learning App is one of the best app for online learning in Nepal. This app provides the great opportunity to learn for those who are not able to be present physically in class , can take class from anywhere anytime.

Convenience And Flexibility

Flexibility allows students to get to know themselves better and schedule their learning accordingly. This means that the time their focus is high and their capability of retaining information is significant is when they will start their learning

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Australia is one of the promising study destinations in the world offering a range of opportunities both in the academic and co-curricular sphere.For students planning to pursue higher education in Australia, I would firstly recommend doing proper research about the institution and check for all the facilities provided by the institution including academic support, clubs and societies and/or other avenues of co-curricular engagement, and other support services such as legal and counselling supports. Students should also research the study clusters such as Study NSW, Study Victoria, Study Perth, Study Adelaide, etc. which offer a range of services for international students. There are other avenues that student should benefit knowing about such as the Council of International Students Australia, CAPA, NUS, AUSTRADE, DET, TPS, Commonwealth Ombudsman, Fairwork Ombudsman, Redfern Legal Centre, Student Job Australia, Seek, Gumtree, Indeed, and many more. Since there is a lot of information that students might not be able to research on their own, it’s crucial to also select a reliable and well informed Education Consultancy if students are planning to have a smooth and well knowledge transition to their international education experience.

– Bijay Sapkota
Immediate Past President, CISA

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