Presidential Aptitude and Attitude Test (PAAT)

It is based on global entrance exam system and is conducted by Presidential Business School affiliated to Westcliff University, USA. The test is intended to assess verbal and quantitative ability, logical reasoning, general awareness, business and economics knowledge (for BBA), general knowledge in information technology (for BSIT), reading and writing skills of the candidate for admission in the undergraduate programs — Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) at Presidential Business School. In addition to the written test, PAAT also includes an interview session to assess candidates’ speaking and presentation skills along with their confidence and learning attitudes. The test includes multiple-choice questions and writing section. The exam duration for PAAT is total hours for both multiple-choice questions and essay writing. Students from every faculty who have completed high school are eligible to take PAAT.

PAAT Contents for BBA and BSIT:

1.)Written Exam—100 marks (20 questions for each category – 1 point for each
○Verbal Ability
○Quantitative Ability
○Reading Comprehension (paragraph reading)
○Logical Reasoning
○General Awareness / Business & Economics

2.)Writing Ability (Easy Writing 20 makes)

3.)Personal Interview (6 X 5 =30 marks)
○Appearance/ Personality
○Subject Knowledge
○Motivation for Study