Know the symptoms of covid-19

Let us together support the government in breaking the chain of transmission of covid-19 by staying at home, keeping a distance, keeping healthy. Hopefully, this Disaster can [...]

UTC-Lead Youth 2020

Universal thought consult proudly presents Lead Youth 2020 with great honour guest, Mr. Shaurab Lohani (Motivational speaker) . Events Details: Event Location: Anamnagar, (Near BhatBhateni) 11 AM [...]

UTC LEAD YOUTH 2020: Leadership For Youth

Are you a leader? Do you wish to bring positive changes to society while also enhancing your leadership, management and research skills? Come join us at Lead [...]

Management Fair

We are very proud to inform the concerned that our 4th Management Fair is taking place on 14th and 15th of Shrawan. Thanks to all the sponsors [...]

Happy Labour day

Labour Day marks not just the triumph of a worker’s spirit but a renewal of fertile goddess of creativity and human dignity. Wishing You Happy Labour Day

UTC proudly presents Management Festival 2019 with great honor

Universal Teach Consult proudly presents Management Festival 2019 with great honor. Chief Guest : Madhav Kumar Nepal   Speakers: Bishwo Prakash Sharma Madhav Dhungel Ramji Adhikari Raja [...]