Education is the track to enlighten the world and the only factor that can turn confused world into utopia.” I solemnly believe that the steps you put forward today will determine your tomorrow. So, if you aspire to be successful person, you must be ready to discard certificate and marks oriented degree. In this competitive world, you must groom yourself to become a passionate learner, critical thinker, and proficient individual with adequate interpersonal skills. Being the Managing Director of UTC, i would like to assure that the prime responsibility of our institution will be creating friendly learning environment for students to take care of their conceptual, psychological and skillful peculiarity. We provide harmonious education and the best academic environment with highly maintained infrastructure. I ensure that our faculty and staff members are always convenient, cooperative, and motivational towards students. The timely addressment of academic needs with absolute care, kindness, and respect will always be in our priorities for students. I always believe to become an appealing MD with a confidence to provide proper career guidance, motivation and indulging students towards skillful learning with the precious utilization of time. So, i would like to welcome all the learning aspirants to hook up yourself in cheerful environment with a lifelong memorable and distinctive journey in UTC. “विघ्यार्थी हाम्रो साथी , त्यसैले हामी सबै भन्दा माथी”

Managing Director
Rajesh Pudashaini