Director’s Message “पढ्नु र पढाउनु अनि सिक्नु र सिकाउनु भनेको घोक्नु र घोकाउनु मात्र हैन।” I strongly believe that deliberate and skillful learning rather degree focused learning should be prioritized. To awaken the student’s visionary endeavors with excellence has always been our motto. Degree and certificate based education has curb the potent individuals to use their relevant skills and knowledge in their desired fields. We have aimed to be the savior for those students who failed to obtain coveted certificate from colleges and universities. Our straightforward vision is to uplift an dexterity in such students demotivating the trend of profit oriented learning that has been proved detrimental for student’s career. With the help of this organization we have always been engaged in providing financial assistance to Needy and diligent students and facilitating our students in top university and colleges with various scholarship. Our success is in your career goal achievement-

Administration & Finance Director
Prakash Dhakal