Quality education leads you towards your dream. It is for this very reason that Universal Though Consultant (UTC) forayed into education, about 9 years ago. Over almost a decade, we have realized that the quality education has become the broad terms due to the globalization. In our current economy, internalization skills and experience have been in great demand. The means to acquire these knowledge and skills is through internationalized curriculum in education, proficiency in other language and the knowledge of other culture which makes the student competent in global workforce. In contemporary situation, abroad study has become one of the best alternatives to achieve these goals among the today’s youth. With due respect to our youths’ interest towards achieving international degree and to become globally competent we are privileged to announce that we are here to support the students to achieve their dream. We provide counselling and visa services, entrance preparation classes for various courses, and language proficiency classes. Apart from that, we also provide social support and guideline to adjust in the new environment. Throughout the period from our establishment we are serving as a bridge to students to achieve their dream and in future as well we continue our small effort towards helping the student to achieve academic and career goal. And we also expect that our initiative towards international study help benefitting the Nepalese society, economy, and the workforce.

Shiva Banjara